The following pieces are available for purchase directly from the artist, unless they have recently been sold and I’ve neglected to update this page.  (Yeah, I’m human–it could happen.)  If you are interested, please contact me for more information.



Vinyard SMALL

Acrylic on gessoed illustration board, sealed with clear acrylic front and back.  16″ x 20″.  $160 unframed.  The lines which appear orange in the photograph are actually metallic copper.  Three companion pieces are being produced, to be titled “orchard,” “field,” and “garden.”


All the formality of a formal boardroom portrait… but it’s a duck.  I painted this one from a photo I took when this guy visited our backyard bird feeder.


2016; acrylic on stretched canvas; 18″ x 24″; $465 framed as shown ($432 unframed)


Cradle in the Azaleas

These baby robins were born in my grandmother’s azalea bush.


2016; acrylic on stretched canvas; 16″ x 20″; $350 framed as shown ($320 unframed)


County Fair Baby

I got to pet this silky little baby at the Elkhart County 4-H fair a few years ago.  He was very sweet… not like the adult rabbit whose cage had a hand-scrawled sign reading, “Keep fingers away from cage.  I BITE.”



2016; watercolor on paper; about 4″ x 6″, mat opening about 3 3/4″ x 5 3/4 “; frame is 10 1/8” x 12 5/8 overall; $44


Bridesmaid in Pink

My nephew and his bride asked me to photograph their wedding, and I captured a candid snapshot of this tired young lady after the reception.  Everything about the photo — her expression, her perfect pose, the soft back-light — said “Paint this!”  The shirred chiffon of her dress looked like brush strokes already, so that part was especially fun to render in paint.

2018-07-18_Bridesmaid_In_Pink_SMALL 2018-07-18_Bridesmaid_In_Pink-framed SMALL

2018; acrylic on stretched canvas; 22″ x 28″; $616 (Frame is included, if you like, at no extra charge but be advised that it sustained some minor damage to the underside of the bottom corners in transit to a juried show).  You probably noticed that the color is different in the two photos.  This painting appears very different in different light — warmer in incandescent, cooler in fluorescent, and daylight brings out all of the colors.


Snow Bird

A folk art style feathered friend painted from childhood memories.  Flocks of little black and white birds like this one used to visit our bird feeder during the winters when I was a kid.



painted 1989, restored by the artist 2016; acrylic on canvas mounted to panel; 9″ x 12″; $118 framed as shown.  (Those diagonal lines in the photo showing the frame are just a problem with the photo editing that I couldn’t figure out — no actual ridges in the paint.)