About Me

That Artist’s Statement Thing They Make You Write When You Really Just Want To Make Art:

Why do I make art?  Because, of all the things I am capable of, art is the one and only thing I can imagine myself doing every day for the rest of my life.  Anything else would eventually become a bore or a chore. Art isn’t (just) my work; it’s Life! That’s why I make art.

What kind of art do I make?  Portraits (human and wildlife), architectural scenes, cityscapes, landscapes, and the occasional still life.  I create art that I hope you can’t easily look away from, because it profoundly conveys to your soul what I experienced in painting it.  My favorite quote about art is from Picasso: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” That’s what I’m aiming at – refreshment for my soul and yours.

How do I make art?  I work primarily in acrylics or oils; occasionally in ink with watercolors.  I bought some pastels that I should try out some day.  I tend toward realism and favor traditional subject matter, often hinting at my interest in history.  I usually work from photographs that I have taken, or make use of reference photos, even when I am working from life.  I am primarily self-taught, which, in my case, means that I experiment with lots of techniques and I use what works for me. Whatever the materials, technique, or subject matter, prayer is essential.  Nothing boosts creativity more than a line of communication with The Creator.